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The Old SiteWelcome to the photography of Roger Croxson. These photographs are available as Stock, Prints and Cards. This site is just so that you can look at them, I hope you enjoy them!

I am self taught, and am still learning. In many senses every photograph is a learning experience. Where possible the photograph is displayed as taken except for sizing and ocasional exposure adjustments. These adjustments seem necessary as digital images appear lighter on the camera screen and the 'processing' loading them onto the computer effects the exposure, brightness and contrast.

I use a Nikon DSLRs and a Canon point and shoot. I have a variety of lenses and use extra lighting only when really needed. Sometimes I use flash to change the way a flower looks or to create translucence. I sometimes use backdrops to hide ugly bits!

Anyway, please look through the photos and enjoy. Please feel free to contact me.

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